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French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type

Perro Francés de Puntería - Tipo Pirineo

The French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type - is a medium-sized dog, with a lovely head with large ears, a wavy tail and strong bone structure. They have a silky coat, white with brown and black spots, often with a brown stripe on the back and tail. They are cheerful, energetic, playful and loyal, and make excellent family companions. They are very intelligent and obedient, making them excellent for training and obedience. They are excellent pointing dogs, with a great ability to follow prey. They are taught to follow the bird's trail with their nose, then stop and point to the target, with their head and tail. This makes them very useful dogs for hunting.

De 16 a 23 kgDe 53 a 63 cm
De 18 a 25 kgDe 55 a 65 cm

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